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Fitting guide

Fitting Guide

How to fit your bra at home

There are a range of things to look at to judge whether your bra is fitting well.

  • Take the time to allow your body to adjust to the Bodywise difference ... no hooks & eyes, no wires.  
  • Adjust straps to suit your stature, scoop your breasts and lift up and into centre of cups.
  • Sit down, check if comfortable.
  • Put outer clothing on, check breast lift and breast shape from front and side on.

Bra sizing

Use our bra calculator  to find your starting point for a bra size. You might have to go up or down a midriff size or a cup size as measuring is not an exact science (all of us are different). 

Fitting hints for Bodywise & Anita wire-free bras

Always start by finding the right midriff.

  • Make sure that the band around your midriff is firm and snug. Not too tight, not too loose.
  • It should not move up your back but it should stay in a horizontal position.
  • You should be able to fit about 4 fingers under the band. 
  • Fit a hook and eye bra on the outside hooks, not the tightest hooks.

The next step is to consider the fit of the cups.

  • Your entire bust should fit nicely into the cup.
  • There should be no puckering (too big) or any breast/underarm spillover (too small).

Is it a good overall fit?

  • Raise your hands in the air - see whether the breast falls out of the bottom or the bra rides up at the back. You may need a smaller midriff size and a bigger cup size.
  • Bend over - are you contained within the cup so that you don't fall out? If you fall out you might need a different cup style.
  • Look in the mirror - check that the breasts are fully within the cups, nipples centred and see if the nipple is about halfway between your shoulder and your elbow. Adjust the straps to a suitable height.

 Moving up and down band and cup sizes

If your bra band is wrong, but you think the cups are ok, you may need to change the cup size when you change the band size.

  • When you decrease a band size, you may need to increase a cup size to get the same 'volume' in the cup.
  • If you need to increase a band size, you may need to decrease a cup size.
  • For example, in Bodywise bras, if a Medium bra in cup C/D is too big in the band but the cup is ok, you may need to try a Small (size 12) bra with a DD/E cup to get the same volume of cup size.

Use these photos to help you assess your bra size & fit

Incorrect fit


Correct fit


If your band rises up at the back of the bra, you need to choose a small band size. 



If your breasts are falling out the bottom of your bra at the front, you may need to choose a smaller band size. 



If your bust is spilling out of the top of the cups, the bra cup size is too small. Choose a larger cup.



If you have excess fabric in the cups, causing wrinkles, you need to choose a smaller cup size. 




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