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How to buy a bra online

How To Buy A Bra Online


bodywise UNDERWEAR aims to make fitting and purchasing a comfortable bra an 'uplifting' experience with the best possible outcome being a bra you don't want to rip off the moment you get home.

Everyday at bodywise, we speak to women across a range of sizes from 8 to 30. No matter whether you're a size 12, 18 or 28, have a cup size of A to H, you need to find a way to fit yourself properly so that your bra gives you support and makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Where to start?

Check your size

Use our bra size calculator to check your size. Don't just use the size of the bra you are currently wearing. Research conducted by the University of Wollongong shows that 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra.

Watch a You Tube

Yes, really! There are some great videos on how to measure for and fit a bra.

Check out the bra you are now wearing

Stand in front of a mirror and have a good look at the bra you think fits best.

Check the midriff

A bra must be firm but not too tight around your midriff. The bra is what should do the work of holding up the bust, not the straps. So you need to find a midriff size that is firm but still comfortable, and that doesn't rise up at the back.

Check the cups

Firstly, place your right hand inside the left cup and lift the breast up into the cup. Then do the other side. Is the cup wrinkling? Then the cup is too big. Are you spilling over the top? Then it's too small. Ideally, the cup should fit your entire breast and the u-shape at the bas of the cup should sit on the chest, rather than on the breast.


You should now have a good idea of what size you need and be ready to explore the range of bras available on our website. If you need more information check out our fitting guide.

Don't worry if you get it wrong

Our customer service policy means you can order knowing that if the size isn't right, you can return or exchange goods. We are very happy to post bras to you to try on in the comfort of your own home. You can then tell us what fits best and return the items that aren't correctas per our return/exchange policy.

It's the hassle free way to shop! And for many women it's less confronting and embarassing than going to a lingerie shop.

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