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Bodywise Vs Bodydumb

Bodywise ... 

Designed for comfort 
Breasts can move, facilitating healthy function 
I'm OK - I am what I am 
Designed on a woman 
Enhances your best natural shape 
High quality fabric - soft, stretchy cotton/poly/lycra 
Adjusts to the changes in breast size 
Gentle on the breasts 
"The most comfortable bra I've ever worn" 
For the whole of your life 
Sizes - small, medium, large, gorgeous, extra gorgeous and goddess 
Feel free 
Celebrate in style & comfort 
Dynamic self acceptance 
Bodydumb ...
Designed for appearance only 
Restricts breast movement 
I don't like how I am 
Designed on a dummy 
Artificial shape - torpedoes or cup cakes 
Unyielding, synthetic fabrics 
Does not accommodate breast size change 
Tight & uncomfortable 
"I'm ripping this off the minute I get home" 
For one fashion season 
Dozens of sizes and no two manufacturers are the same 
Feel constrained 
Suffer for glamour & fashion 
Rejection of self 
Comparison with others