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Do you rip your bra off when you get home?

Let's see how we can help you find a more comfortable wire-free bra. If you rip your bra off the minute you get home -- try one of our comfortable, supportive wire-free bras. Most women are amazed at the difference it makes to their lives. 

Our mission is to make your daily life comfortable. We're not just an internet store, we're an online, phone and personal resource to help you find that elusive, well-fitting bra. If we can't help you, we'll suggest another business that might work for you instead.

What we're about:

  • We can fit you over the phone - yes it can be done!
  • We will help you work out what styles might be most suited to your shape and size
  • We give you the chance to try bras on at home and return/exchange them (as long as they are not worn) for the right size etc
  • Our bras will give you good shape and support and will be comfortable if the fit is correct. 

Feel free to browse our website (just use the buttons at the top of this page), and don't hesitate to call us on 1300 66 17 66 to chat about how our bras might work for you. There's no pressure or obligation

Thanks for dropping by.