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Why is it so hard to find wire-free bras?

Why is it so hard to find wire-free bras?

You rarely find any lingerie store or department store that has much in the way of wire-free bras. They’re simply not offered, or relegated to the back rows somewhere, or wedged in with the maternity section.

There is a fallacy out there in the world of lingerie that wire-free bras won’t give you any support. Even the majority of bra-fitters believe it.

Wire-free bras that are engineered to be supportive will give you support. It’s what we’ve discovered over many years of fitting women of varying shapes and sizes. Wire-free bras are generally more comfortable. And for the woman who has an ample frame, wire-free bras are forgiving and tend not to irritate the sensitive breast tissue.

Wire-free bras will provide you with support, you just need to find a quality brand so that if you are greater than a C cup, you get the support you need.

I am convinced that wired bras were designed with store layouts in mind, rather than for the woman who has to wear them. Rows upon rows of bras on hangers … all are wired. They look good, the product sells itself … this is called ‘hanger appeal’. On the other hand, soft, wire-free bras don’t sit up by themselves, and generally need to be fitted in order to get the best result.

Major brands out there in the lingerie world will continue to only offer wired bras unless we, the consumer, ask for them to do something different.

At Bodywise, we listen to you and continue to find comfortable, wire-free bras that will fit almost every body shape and bust size.