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Great support in a wire-free bra

Getting great support in a wire-free bra

For more than 60 years we have been told that to have support you need a rigid, tight bra, and we've come to believe that if it isn't tight, then it can't be supportive.

This is simply not true.

It is possible to have a good, even, gentle support without an underwire. Your breasts can be positioned in a good, natural position without a wire in sight.

Bodywise bras distribute the tension evenly over the whole surface area of the bra, rather than having one tight line around your midriff, and two very sore points on the top of your shoulders. It will feel different at first because your body will remember the position of your previous bra … and it takes a few days to get used to the different position of the straps of a Bodywise bra.

In the fitting process, it’s important to try on a shirt or blouse over the bra. This is how most people see us day-to-day. Put your shirt back on and see if anyone else can tell the difference.

Many women with a large bust hitch their breasts up too high. This places an unnatural pressure on the shoulders, often resulting in referred neck and back pain. Your shoulders are not designed to carry that kind of weight ... your back is. The Bodywise bra has more fabric at the back of the bra which supports the weight at the front.

Ideally, you will be less aware of the bra, and should instead feel comfortable.